Children's Birthday Parties

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1st Birthday Party Themes

50's Rock N Roll Party

60's and 70's Flashback Party

Alien Party

American Heroes New!


Barbie Party Hot Seller!

Barney Party


Baseball Party

Basketball Party

Batman Party

Bear in Big Blue House

Beauty and the Beast

Blues Clues Party

Board Sports Party

Bob the Builder Party

Bowling Party

Bratz New!

Bugs Party

Butterflies Party

Buzz Lightyear

Care Bears

Cat In The Hat New!


Cinderella Party

Circus Party

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Clown Party

Construction Party

Country Western Party

Cowboys / Cowgirls Party

Daydream Fairy New!

Dinosaur Party Party

Disney Gang Party

Disney Princesses Party

Dora the Explorer New!

Dragon Tales Party

Dress Up Party

Elmo's World Party

Fairies New!

Finding Nemo New!

Fireman Party

Flower Power Party

Football Party

Frogs Party

Gymnastics Party

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter Party

Hawaiian Luau Party

Hello Kitty Party

Hockey Party

Hot Wheels Party


Jay Jay the Jet Plane

Jet Pilot Party

Jimmy Neutron

Jungle Party

Knights Party

Lady Bugs Party New!

Lego Party

Lilo and Stitch Party

Lion King New!

Lizzie Mc Guire New!

Magic Party

Mermaid Party

Mickey Mouse Party

Monsters, Inc. Party

Nascar Racing Party

Noah's Ark 1st Birthday

N Sync Party

Ocean Animals Party

Outer Space Party

Pirate Party Hot Seller!

Pokemon Party

Power Puff Girls Party

Power Rangers

Prancing Ponies Party

Precious Moments Party

Princess Party

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Quincenera New!

Rainbow Fish Party

Rescue Heroes New!

Rocket Power Party

Rolie Polie Olie Party

Rubber Ducky Party

Rugrats Party

Sagwa New!

Samurai Jack New!

Scooby Doo Party

Sesame Street Smiles

Singing Divas New!

Soccer Party

Special Forces Party

Spiderman Party Hot Seller!

Spirit, Stallion of Cimaron

SpongeBob SquarePants Hot Seller!

Star Wars Episode II Party

Survivor Party

Sweet 16 New!

Tea Party Party

Teddy Bear (boy) Party

Teddy Bear (girl) Party

Thomas the Train Party

Tinkler Bell Party

Toy Story Party

Treasure Planet

Twinkle Toes New!

Under the Sea

Unicorns Hot Seller!

Veggie Tales Party

Western Party

Wiggles New!

Wild Thornberry's Party

Wizard of Oz Party

Yu-Gi_Oh Party

Zoology Party


Little Gymnastics Party Supplies, Theme Decorations, Party Planning Ideas

Party Supplies and Decorations


Gymnastics Deluxe Pak
She’ll do somersaults and backflips for this party! Your Deluxe Pak for 8 includes invitations, plates, cups, forks, spoons, placemats with games on back, 16 napkins, solid-color tablecover, prismatic star mylar balloon, 18 assorted balloons, 50 yards of curling ribbon and 3 rolls of 81' crepe paper streamers in 3 colors, and cake candles.

Gymnastics Basic Pak
Gymnastics Basic Pak includes 8 invitations, 8" plates, cups, forks, spoons, 16 napkins, 18 balloons, 8 placemats, and red tablecover.

Favors and Prizes

Gymnastics Favor Boxes
Your guests will want to leap right into these fun favors. Each 5 x 5" box includes a gymnastics sticker sheet, 3" gold trophy, stars & stripes stick yo-yo, assorted-color star nail polish, and gold medal.

Favors & Prizes

Fun Games, Activities And Crafts

The Penny Whistle Birthday Party Book
Whether your two-year-old's passion is teddy bears, your eight-year-old can name every dinosaur in the museum, or your sweet-sixteen-yearold wants a sophisticated casino evening -- you can create the perfect party with "The Penny Whistle™ Birthday Party Book."
Complete with suggestions for entertaining games and activities, instructions for making personalized invitations, decorations and party favors, and delicious recipes for refreshments (including the best birthday cakes ever!).

Crafts & Activities

Theme related children's crafts and activities for children's birthday parties.

Talent Show
This fun game allows children to demonstrate their dancing, tumbling, and leaping skills. Organize performers into teams. Assign or draw for order of performance. Set aside an area for the show, and don’t forget to leave room for audience seating. Designate an announcer and, although it need not be competitive, a judge. Give teams the same amount of time to prepare. Videotape it if you wish, and give awards for all sorts of categories, so no one feels left out.

Gymnast's Jubilee
If the weather is nice, this team activity is best played outside because it will give you more room. Set up several stations to test your little gymnasts’ skills. Divide your guests into equal teams. Each member of the team must successfully complete each station, run back to the next team member, and tag his or her hand. Choose from the following stations, or invent your own!
1. Balance Beam: guests must walk the length of a long board or a log without falling off. The beam doesn’t need to be elevated, (especially with young children), unless you wish. If you do not have a board, make a straight line on the ground with tape, paint, or chalk. For older children, consider walking backwards on the beam for more difficulty.
2. Somersault Skill: designate an area where guests must somersault several times. Mark a start and finish line, or lay out a large blanket which each team member must somersault across.
3. Jump Rope: set aside an area for jump roping. Guests must jump a certain number of times before moving on to the next station.
4. Tumbling Time: children must cartwheel, leap, and dance across an area set aside for tumbling. Allow your guests to be creative and have fun as long as they travel across the designated area.
5. Hand Stand: designate a team member to spot each child, so no one gets hurt.
6. Other Ideas: Trampolines and monkey bars are wonderful additions, if you have access to them.
Adjust your stations according to the age and skill level of your guests. Afterwards, allow children time to play on their own, make up routines, etc., and go at their own pace. Have fun!

Balloon Dance
Attach an inflated balloon to the wrist, ankle, or back of each dancer. Turn on the radio or a music tape to start everyone dancing. When the music begins, each child must try to protect his or her own balloon while trying to pop the other dancers’ balloons. Award the final dancer with a prize.


Patriotic Piņata

19" Patriotic Piņata
Create your own fireworks with this patriotic piņata! A removable sticker marks the hidden location where candy should be inserted. Piņata fillers and pull-string piņata kit sold separately.


Pinata Fillers

Kids love the excitement of trying to break open a piñata and see the treasures rain down. This 96-piece assortment of toys and candy is perfect for eight guests, and will bring even more fun to your piñata activity.

Pull-String Piñata Kit
Turn your piñata into a pull-string for a gentler piñata activity. Kit includes trap door release and 20 pull strings.

Children's Birthday Cakes

Birthday Cake Recipes
We've teamed up with Pillsbury® to create the best birthday cake recipes in the world! And check out the fantastic cupcake recipes created at Birthday Express!

Cake Decorating
Cake pans, cake toppers, cake decorating kits and candles, not all themes available.

Bakeries and Professional Cake Decorators
Locate bakeries and professional cake decorators in your area to order a children's birthday cake to coordinate with your kid's theme party.

Decorating Tips

Use balloons to mark the party spot; hang them on the mailbox, near the front door, or tie them to the birthday child's chair to mark the seat of honor. Place balloons anywhere that strikes your fancy. The more the better!

personalized birthday banners

Pastel Personalized Banner
Your child's name on his or her very own Happy Birthday Banner! Our colorful 18" x 72" banner is made of durable plastic with handy metal grommets for easy hanging and years of use. You will be asked to provide the name(s) that will appear on your personalized banner when you check out. (Recommended for all ages.)

personalized banners

Primary Personalized Banner
Your child's name on his or her very own Happy Birthday Banner! Our colorful 18" x 72" banner is made of durable plastic with handy metal grommets for easy hanging and years of use. You will be asked to provide the name(s) that will appear on your personalized banner when you check out. (Recommended for all ages.)

Party Music

children's birthday music

Birthday Party CD
Kids' Birthday Party Music CD
Add fun to your party with this wonderful collection of 18 songs. Includes favorites such as "Candy Man," "Lollipop," "The Name Game," "Yakety Yak," "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," "Disco Duck," and "Happy Birthday to You."

© 1994 Turn Up The Music, Inc.


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Hats and Bandanas



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Be sure to take lots of pictures. You and your child will want to remember this special day.

1. Keep you camera close in hand through out the party so you don't miss a moment.
2. Get close, fill the frame with the subject(s) you are wanting to capture.
3. Take action photos, capture the thrills and emotions by taking candid pictures.
4. Focus on small groups or individuals, you do not need to have every guest in every photo.
5. When you have your film developed, order extra prints and send them to the parents afterward.

For more great photography tips visit


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